Why Switch and Save?

We want you to feel safe and secure 24 hours a day in your new home or business. With over 40 years industry experience, SecurityPlus provides you with an upgraded security monitoring solution at an affordable price. With this special offer of only $19.95 per month* SecurityPlus will monitor your home or business using your existing alarm system. We provide; No activation fees, 3 free alarm responses in the first year (with our preferred partner company Response Security), a 3 year rate guarantee, and Up to 1 month free service. We provide 24/7 local alarm monitoring.

Alarm Responses

User error accounts for approximately 67% of all false alarms. The Ottawa Police Department charges a fee of $130 each time they have to respond to a false alarm. SecurityPlus has partnered with Response Security in order to allow 3 free dispatches prior to incurring fees. And any additional alarm responses are offered to you at a reduced rate. As a SecurityPlus client, you will benefit from a responsible alarm management system that offers peace of mind at a great value.

Enhanced Monitoring

AlarmWatch: the monitoring station logs and keeps a permanent record of all alarm activity such as arm and disarm codes. This information can be retreaved when required. AlarmWatchPlus: Has the ability to automatically generate and e-mail you a monthly statement of all alarm activities with date and time stamps. AlarmWatch w/Real-Time Notification: Receive immediate notification of any alarm activities.